How To Prepare

How To Prepare For Ceremony & Dieta

This concise yet thorough guide can serve as a fundamental introduction for those who feel the calling to work with Ayahuasca, often referred to as the “mother of all plants.” Participating in a sacred ceremony can be a powerful and transformative experience. During the ceremony participants gather in a ceremonial space and drink the medicine, which is traditionally prepared by experienced shamans and blessed during the preparation process.
The ceremony involves a period of silence and introspection during which the participants experience a range of physical, emotional, and spiritual sensations. The experience varies widely from person to person and may include vivid visions, feelings of connection with nature, our ancestors, memories of our past, and deep insights into one’s life and purpose.
The ceremony involves traditional chants and music which help guide and support the experience. At Mother Earth Spiritual Center we provide a safe and supportive environment for participants to explore the medicine guided by experienced shamans and our highly trained staff of facilitators to help you uncover the energetic roots of any trauma, negative thought patterns, unhealthy habits, or spiritual imbalance. Our goal is to provide an intimate and personalized healing experience.
Ayahuasca spiritual sacred ceremonies should be approached with a humble and open heart to facilitate an enhanced healing experience. It is important to come with an open mind and an attitude of respect and reverence for the sacred medicine. It is also important to let go of any expectations because every person’s experience is different, and please do not expect to have the same visions or experiences of other people. The medicine will not always give you what you want but will always give you what you need. Trust the process. It is recommended to have clear intentions for the ceremony. Take some time to ask yourself. What would you like to change about your life? What changes would you like to see in your life? What is holding you back from living the life you want? Do you carry concerns in your mind or spirit that you wish to address? Is there anything you seek to gain clarity on regarding yourself, your relationships, or the direction of your life?
By thoroughly preparing our hearts, mind, and body before the Ayahuasca experience, we create a more direct and unobstructed path for the Ayahuasca medicine to connect with us and facilitate its transformative work. Our body plays a pivotal role in determining how Ayahuasca is received as a healing and cleansing medicine. Thus, one’s physical state must be optimal when participating in the ceremony. Because our bodies are our vessel to navigate reality and is an integral part of the larger energetic system that both receives and transmits energy. We are interconnected with the entirety of life; we are all part of the universe. Everything we introduce into our body, including energy, thoughts, food, and physical activities, leaves an imprint within us. Our physical bodies absorb elements from its surroundings, impacting us on a physical, energetic, mental, psychological, and spiritual levels. Our body and energy can become congested or obstructed by what it takes in. Over time, the accumulation of negative energy can significantly affect our well-being. So, for an optimal healing experience it’s important to maintain the body clean; for that reason, its recommended that for an Ayahuasca ceremony one follows the suggested dietary regimen, known as the dieta, which involves a light and wholesome diet with minimal animal-based products.

Dieta to Prepare for The Ceremony

These dietary principles align with the traditions of native Ayahuasca practices and play a crucial role in purifying the body both before and after an Ayahuasca ceremony. The dieta should be with wholesome preferably organic food. Eat soups, fresh and cooked vegetables, legumes, beans, fruits, nuts, eggs preferably cage-free organic, seafood preferably wild caught, and chicken preferably free-range, olive oil, rice, oats and other cereals.
One day prior to the ceremony avoid rice. The simplest diet is to eat light vegetarian food three days prior to the ceremony. The day of the ceremony it is recommended to only eat raw food such as fruits, vegetables, and salads. The day of the ceremony refrain from eating anything after lunch. Fasting is recommended the day of the ceremony. This imparts a sensation of lightness and aids in alleviating the weightiness associated with the purging process throughout the ceremony. Drink plenty of water and herbal tea before, after and during the ceremony.

1 Week Prior to The Ceremony

Please refrain from any recreational drug, clean yourself to approach the ceremony with the utmost respect for the medicine.

Refrain from engaging in sexual activity and self-stimulation for a period of three days prior to the ceremony

Avoid exposure to stressful situations in the days leading to the ceremony
Avoid prescription medications that are not essential to your health.

After the ceremony

Eat light nutritious meals for at least 3 days after the ceremony
Avoid alcohol, recreational drugs for a period of least 7 days after the ceremony, but preferably 21 days after the ceremony avoid these substances.
Avoid prescription medications that are not essential to your health
We recommend that for a better outcome of your journey, it’s essential to understand your motivation.
What truly drives the changes you seek?
Are there patterns or hidden factors hindering your goals?
Our mind possesses immense potential, often concealed beneath layers of decades-long conditioning, life challenges, and emotional baggage.
However, armed with robust intentions and distinct motivations, Ayahuasca can gradually guide you toward reconstructing your essence into one characterized by complete integrity, personal empowerment, and spiritual liberation.

What to bring?

It is important to bring a few essential items to help make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable.
Bring soap, shampoo and a towel.
Sandals and shoes.
We recommend bringing loose-fitting comfortable clothing, preferably made from natural fibers.
Avoid wearing anything tight or constricting as it may be uncomfortable during the ceremony.
It is also important to bring some warm layers as the evenings can get cold. Other useful items to bring include: A REFILLABLE water bottle to stay hydrated a journal and pen for taking notes before and after the ceremony.
It is helpful to bring crystals and anything else that holds sentimental value for you.